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Investing in Roads infographic

Investing in WA Roads

The McGowan Labor Government's first Budget will deliver a record $2.7 billion roads budget. The funding allocation includes 20 key road projects which will create much needed local jobs.

Building and upgrading our road network is essential to reduce road congestion, facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods and help boost the local economy to create jobs.


The 2017-18 Budget will allocate funding to the McGowan Labor Government's roads election commitments which have a focus on improving safety, reducing congestion, maintaining and operating the road network and generating thousands of jobs.

The projects include a number of key road initiatives announced in May 2017 as part of the joint State and Commonwealth Government $2.3 billion Boosting Jobs, Busting Congestion program.


  • $237 million Armadale Road/North Lake Road bridge over Kwinana Freeway.
  • $50 million new traffic interchange at Wanneroo Road and Joondalup Drive.
  • $49 million widening of the Kwinana Freeway northbound between Russell Road and Roe Highway.
  • $40 million widening of the Mitchell Freeway southbound between Cedric Street and Vincent Street.
  • $30 million upgrading of the South Coast Highway between Albany and Jerramungup.
  • $50 million for the Karratha-Tom Price road sealing works.
  • $86 million new traffic interchange at Roe Highway and Kalamunda Road.
  • $118 million Leach Highway (High Street) upgrade between Carrington Road and Stirling Highway.
  • $14 million for the dualling of Great Eastern Highway from Anzac Drive to Gatacre Drive in Kalgoorlie.
  • $145 million Armadale Road dual carriageway between Anstey Road and Tapper Drive.
  • $112 million Murdoch Drive Connection to Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway.
  • $12.5 million for planning Stages 2 and 3 of the Bunbury Outer Ring Road.
  • $8 million widening of the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway.
  • $70 million Reid Highway dual carriageway between Altone Road and West Swan Road.
  • $47 million Smart Freeway project on Kwinana Freeway northbound.
  • $65 million new traffic interchange at Wanneroo Road and Ocean Reef Road.
  • $31 million Wanneroo Road dual carriageway between Joondalup Drive and Flynn Drive.
  • $35 million Manning Road on-ramp at Kwinana Freeway.
  • $33 million for Outback Way sealing works (subject to Commonwealth Government).
  • $35 million allocated towards the next stages of the Albany Ring Road.


Total spending for roads in WA over recent years:

  (*estimated) 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17* 2017-18*
Total expenditure   $2.136m $1.934m $2.139m $2.278m $2.742m


Fixing dangerous country roads is one of the McGowan Government's top priorities in regional WA.

The 2017-18 Budget includes a 20% increase in regional road funding. Overall, regional road expenditure represents just over 50% of the State's total spending on roads.

Regional road safety will receive a major boost this year with the implementation of a major new Regional Road Safety Program. The $44 million Commonwealth contribution is a result of the Boosting Jobs, Busting Congestion program. A significant package of works will be developed to address high risk sections of the rural road network.

Whilst the full package will be agreed later this year, the first of the projects to be funded under this scheme is the construction of four new passing lanes on Indian Ocean Drive.


Whilst nearly every road project has an element of road safety there are several programs of funding that are targeted at specific road safety outcomes to ensure the impact of road trauma on the community is reduced.

$125 million has been allocated to specific Road Safety Programs in 2017-18. $29 million has been allocated for programs in the metropolitan area and $96 million for programs in regional areas.


Local Government roads are crucial to connecting our suburbs and regional towns to our State and National road networks.

A total of $184 million has been allocated for local road projects under the State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement for 2017-18 representing an extra $11.5 million compared with the previous Government's 2016-17 Budget.

The McGowan Government has also honoured its election commitments on the local road network amounting to an additional $162 million worth of road works, including:

  • $60m contribution for the Stephenson Avenue extension;
  • $23m contribution for the dual carriageway of Marmion Avenue to Yanchep; and
  • $50m for Karratha-Tom Price Road sealing works.

Factoring in the election commitments, communities across WA will see a total of $248 million spent on improving and building Local Government road infrastructure in 2017-18.


The McGowan Government is delivering on its election commitment to crank up investment in cycling infrastructure across Perth, with $129 million earmarked over the next four years towards a chain of new projects across the State's network.

The record funding includes $55 million towards filling gaps on the Principal Shared Path (PSP) network around Perth, $45 million for paths alongside major road projects and $29 million in grants for local governments for a range of community cycling initiatives.

The $55 million PSP roll-out will complement the McGowan Government's METRONET vision, transforming Perth's transport network, with designated paths which cyclists can use to ease their daily commute.

The gap-filling PSP expansion will allow at least 95 kilometres of cycling path to be added to the network, and will include the following locations:

  • Mitchell Freeway PSP - Glendalough Station to Hutton Street & Erindale Road to Civic Place missing links.
  • Fremantle line PSP - Grant Street to North Fremantle extension.
  • Midland line PSP - Success Hill Station to Railway Parade cul-de-sac missing link.

To ensure a consistent approach, $29 million will be provided for local governments to develop bike plans and deliver new cycling infrastructure such as shared paths and bike boulevards.

PSPs will also be considered as part of all new major road projects, with paths to be included in the NorthLink WA construction, Roe Highway and Kalamunda Road Interchange upgrade and Reid Highway duplication.

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