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Investing in Regional WA infographic

Investing in Our Regions

The McGowan Labor Government is delivering a significant investment in job-creating projects, fixing dangerous country roads, delivering quality health, education and community services benefiting people throughout regional WA.

Our plan for Royalties for Regions ensures its long term sustainability and focusses on delivering for regional WA now and in the future.

More than $1 billion will be invested in new projects in regional WA with an emphasis on job creation, regional health, mental health, education, roads and ports, tourism and economic development. This is balanced against the need to retain critical existing regional projects.


A total of $4 billion in Royalties for Regions expenditure will go towards creating jobs and projects that really matter to people in regional WA.

  • $591m for job-creating projects in regional WA.
  • $826m to improve the quality of health care for regional patients.
  • $377m to invest in regional schools, classrooms and training facilities.
  • $1.25b for vital community infrastructure in our regions.
  • $463m towards regional rail, roads and ports.
  • $126m investment to protect our environment.
  • $173m provisioned for election commitments that are subject to further planning.

Highlights of our investment in
regional Western Australia


The McGowan Labor Government is implementing its comprehensive Plan for Jobs to diversify our economy and create new jobs in a broader range of industries.

  • $20m over five years to establish the Aboriginal Ranger Program.
  • Investing in new renewables industries in regional WA, including $19.5 million in the Albany Wave Energy Project and the provision of funding for major renewable projects in Collie.
  • $20m for the Collie Futures Fund to drive economic diversity.
  • $30m to rebuild WA's core agricultural and grain research and development capability.
  • $20m to proactively target third-party investment from the Commonwealth and other sources to bolster the fight for WA's fair share in the regions.
  • $40m investment in regional telecommunications to improve access to services.
  • $4.5m dedicated for new and emerging regional businesses as part of the New Industries Fund.
  • $10.5m funding to develop Kemerton & Shotts Industrial Parks to create opportunities for new business developments and $3m for Halifax Business Park in Bunbury.
  • $45m in Nambeelup to ensure future development and growth of the Peel Business Park.
  • $20m for the Exploration Incentive Scheme to support further mining activity.
  • $10m investment in the Western Australian Film Fund.


Tourism is a key economic driver in WA which plays a vital role in diversifying the State's economy and creating jobs. Providing certainty and security will help grow the industry and maximise its impact to create jobs in regional WA.

  • $27.9m boost to tourism funding to showcase our regional destinations.
  • $112m towards the Port Hedland Waterfront Revitalisation, mostly funded from Royalties for Regions.
  • $34.4m for the Transforming Bunbury Waterfront project.
  • $6.5m to renew the Geraldton Airport runway.
  • $10m towards the Eastern Foreshore Redevelopment to develop an iconic Mandurah foreshore precinct, supporting local tourism and local jobs.
  • $9.7m for upgrades to boating facilities at Broome's Entrance Point and Town Beach.
  • $10m investment in the sustainability of the Abrolhos Islands.
  • $8m investment in the Murujuga Cultural Interpretive Centre on the Burrup Peninsula.
  • $20m to support WA's regional events program.


The McGowan Labor Government is commited to developing economic infrastructure in regional WA to support the diversification of our State's economy.

  • $32m investment in the Rail Future Fund to deliver a revitalised Australind rail service.
  • $10m to plan for the rail to Kemerton Industrial Park.
  • Commence planning for the crucial development of the Bunbury Port.
  • $16.1m to construct a high-rise carpark at Mandurah Train Station.

  • Fixing dangerous country roads is one of the McGowan Labor Government's top priorities in regional WA.

    The 2017-18 Budget includes a 20% increase in regional road funding. Overall, regional road expenditure represents just over 50% of the State's total spending on roads.

    Investing in roads supports local jobs throughout the supply chain in WA, while delivering infrastructure that makes a difference to communities. These projects include:

  • $50m to construct the next stage of the Karratha to Tom Price Road, making it more accessible for locals and tourists.
  • $35m towards the completion of the Albany Ring Road.
  • $30m to upgrade the South Coast Highway between Albany and Jerramungup.
  • $6.6m State contribution towards sealing parts of Outback Way which spans 2,800km from Queensland to WA's Laverton.
  • $35m to complete the Margaret River Ring Road.
  • $14m to dual Great Eastern Highway between Anzac Road and Gatacre Road in Kalgoorlie.
  • $15m towards road projects in Collie, including upgrades at Raymond Road, Collie-Preston Road, Wellington Forest Road and Brookdale Road in Boyanup.
  • $2.5m State contribution to commence the design and technical assessment for the Bunbury Outer Ring Road.
  • $96m allocated to Road Safety Programs in regional WA for 2017-18.


The McGowan Labor Goverment is committed to giving children a quality education, no matter where they live.

  • Put Education Assistants back into the classroom and provide more support for teachers.
  • Employ an additional 50 Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers in regional WA.
  • Appoint Independent Learning Coordinators (ILCs) in 10 regional schools to assist students undertaking courses through the School of Isolated and Distance Education.
  • Establish a regional Learning Specialist team in the curriculum areas of science, social science, mathematics and English to support students and ILCs.
  • Professional development programs for teachers to integrate coding into the curriculum.
  • Continue to provide regional subsidies for vocational education and training.

An investment of more than $180 million in regional school upgrades will ensure WA students are learning in facilities that meet modern education needs.

Bunbury Senior High School $5m
Carnarvon Community College $51.7m
Cape Naturaliste College $32.1m
Collie Senior High School $7.5m
Eaton Community College $5m
Eaton Primary School $3m
Flinders Park Primary School $2.5m
Geraldton Senior High School $4m
Glen Huon Primary School $1.5m
John Willcock College $18.6m
Kalgoorlie-Boulder CHS $9.5m
Lakelands SHS – Mandurah $2.5m
Margaret River SHS $30m
Mount Lockyer Primary School $3m
Newton Moore SHS $3m
South Bunbury Primary School $3m
Converting some regional primary school classrooms into science labs $1.3m


The McGowan Labor Government is ensuring that Western Australians have access to quality healthcare, no matter where they live.

The State's first Medihotel is underway, which will ensure hospital stays are more comfortable for people traveling to Perth from regional WA for medical treatment.

We are delivering on our commitment to deliver quality health care in the regions which includes the following projects:

  • $7.3m to establish a Step Up/Step Down mental health facility in Kalgoorlie, $11.2m to establish a facility in Bunbury and $12.3m to establish a facility in Karratha.
  • $5m to develop the Peel Youth Medical Service Health Hub.
  • $383m to be spent on Southern Inland Health Initiatives, mostly funded through Royalties for Regions.
  • $65.2m for the North West Health Initiative.
  • $144.7m to complete the Karratha Health Campus.
  • $5.1m to expand the renal dialysis program.
  • $1.6m to expand the Find Cancer Early Program into more regional areas.
  • $2.8m to expand the Ear Bus program into the Kimberley region – an initiative that minimises the impacts of middle ear disease in Aboriginal youth living in these areas.
  • $1.9m to fund meet and greet services for people from remote communities traveling for treatment.
  • $147.7m for the Patient Travel Assistance Scheme to support regional people when they are required to travel for treatment.

Scoping work has commenced for a number of projects not included as part of the 2017-2018 Budget including the upgrades to the Bunbury, Collie and Geraldton Hospitals. Funding for these projects will be announced in subsequent Budgets.


The McGowan Labor Government is leading the agenda - creating safer communities, implementing its Methamphetamine Action Plan, including establishing the Meth Border Force, and protecting vulnerable children, families and seniors.

  • $18.2m for a specialist drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in the South West and commence planning for additional drug and alcohol services in the Kimberley.
  • $18.9m for the Northwest drug and alcohol support program.
  • $18.5m for the Regional Enforcement Unit to increase traffic enforcement on country roads.
  • $360,000 for a two-year trial of the Ice Breakers Program with the Albany Police and Community Youth Centre.
  • $8m new Capel Police Station.
  • Establishing a new family and domestic violence counselling service in the Peel region.
  • $1.69m to expand existing culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse victims of family and domestic violence.
  • $1.5m grant to build a Family Centre in Dalyellup from 2019.


The McGowan Labor Government is investing more than $1.2 billion in important community infrastructure and services in regional WA, to will help build stronger communities.

There are investments across regional WA which are detailed in regional specific fact sheets and the State Budget. Important programs to be funded include:

  • $136m for the country aged pension fuel card and $4m for the volunteer fuel card.
  • $164m for essential and municipal services to remote and Aboriginal communities.
  • $10.6m for a residential aged care facility in Carnarvon.
  • $22.7m for a regional aged accommodation program.


The McGowan Labor Government is investing in the protection and enhancement of cultural and environmental values, while creating new recreational opportunities in conservation areas.

Over $126m will be invested in the protection and enhancement of cultural and environmental values, while creating new recreational opportunities in conservation areas. Initiatives include:

  • $14.6m Natural Resource Management Program to work with local communities to protect the environment.
  • $250,000 to revitalise the Collie River.
  • $1m towards the establishment of a park and reserve network encompassing the fringing coral reefs of the Kimberley's Buccaneer Archipelago.
  • $1m for the Albany Oyster Reef Restoration Project.
  • $1.8m to develop a comprehensive estuary protection plan for the Peel-Harvey Estuary.


A provision has also been made for regional election commitments that are subject to further planning. These projects will be detailed in subsequent Budgets.

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