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Where the money comes from and where it goes infographic

Where the money comes from & where it goes

Delivering responsible financial management and budget repair that is fair.

The McGowan Labor Government is committed to bringing the finances back under control over time.

With the State's revenue base remaining under considerable pressure in 2017-18, the McGowan Labor Government has delivered restrained underlying expense growth of just 2.4% in 2017-18, and an average annual expense growth of just 1.9% over the forward estimates.

The 2020-21 year marks an expected return to surplus, underpinned by low expense growth, a projected recovery in the domestic economy and the Budget repair measures included in the 2017-18 Budget.

Revenue and Expenditure at a Glance

  • Revenue is estimated to total $28.5 billion in 2017-18, 68% of which is generated directly by the State Government.
  • GST revenue and other Commonwealth Grants represents just 32% of the State's total revenue, this is the lowest proportion of any Australian jurisdiction.
  • Recurrent expenditure is set to reach $30.8 billion in 2017-18, more than half of which is budgeted for health, education and community safety.
  • The State is forecast to generate more revenue in 2020-21 than it will incur in recurrent expenditure, creating a surplus for the first time since 2013-14.


Western Australia generates 68% of its revenue from direct State sources, with only 32% being provided by the Commonwealth in the form of either GST or other grants.

This is the highest proportion of any Australian jurisdiction.

Commonwealth funded share 32% 40% 47% 49% 56% 63%
Own-source revenue share 68% 60% 53% 51% 44% 37%

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