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METRONET is the McGowan Labor Government's long term plan to connect our suburbs with world class public transport, reduce road congestion, create local jobs and meet Perth's future planning needs.

Over the next four years $1.34 billion will see a number of METRONET priority projects delivered, which will see coordination across government to use transport investment as a vehicle to deliver well planned liveable communities and create thousands of new jobs.

METRONET at a Glance

  • $535.8 million to build the Thornlie-Cockburn Link.
  • $520.2 million to build the Yanchep Rail Extension on the Joondalup Line.
  • $69 million to remove the Denny Avenue level crossing in Kelmscott.
  • $28.2 million towards the Midland Station Project, including the extension to Bellevue.
  • $508.2 million to build new rail cars, maximising WA's manufacturing capability.
  • Planning and analysis underway for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line, Byford Rail Extension, Karnup Station and additional station upgrades.

Cockburn Link

This $535.8 million project will connect Thornlie and Cockburn Central stations, with new stations at Nicholson and Ranford roads.

The 17.5 kilometre extension follows the existing freight line corridor and will involve duplicating the rail line from Beckenham to Thornlie, relocating the freight lines and significant changes to Thornlie and Cockburn Central stations.

The extension is the first stage of a potential Circle Line providing east-west train travel for the first time and allows a Mandurah special service for events at Perth Stadium.

New Rail Cars,
Local Jobs

Over the next four years, $322.7 million will see Western Australia implement a strategy to develop its own rail car manufacturing capability, as part of sourcing new, next generation railcars ready for when the METRONET projects come into service.

Funding Metronet

The $1.34 billion allocated is funded directly from the reallocation of Perth Freight Link funding and projected revenue from related land sales and value capture opportunities. As planning work progresses, additional funding will be announced as part of subsequent budgets.

Level Crossing

$69 million has been allocated to remove the level crossing at Denny Avenue in Kelmscott.

Removing level crossings will reduce road congestion, improve efficiency and safety on the network and help stimulate urban development.

A further $1 million has been allocated to evaluate options to remove other crossings, located at Caledonian Avenue in Maylands, Oats Street in Carlisle and Wharf Street in Queens Park.

Yanchep Rail

The $520.2 million project will extend the Joondalup Line 13.8 kilometres from Butler to Yanchep.

This extension will also include new stations at Alkimos and Eglinton, to serve the area's current and future growth and address road congestion through enhanced connections and an opportunity to influence land use planning.

Planning for
the future

Detailed planning and design work is underway on other METRONET stage one projects, including:

  • $20 million for the new Morley-Ellenbrook line.
  • $2.1 million for the Byford Rail Extension.
  • $7.4 million for an Automatic Train Control system – allowing trains to run more often.

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