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Investing in Local Jobs

The McGowan Labor Government is implementing its comprehensive Plan for Jobs to diversify our economy and create new jobs in a broader range of industries.

Greater support and effort will be injected into the areas of science, technology, manufacturing, tourism, services, education services, agriculture and other industries to encourage investment and create thousands of new jobs.

Job Investment at a Glance

  • $425m dollar investment over five years for destination marketing and event tourism.
  • $2.7b record budget towards improving and maintaining WA roads, creating more local jobs.
  • $1.34b into METRONET priority projects which will generate thousands of jobs.
  • $465m towards new school builds, upgrades and redevelopments.
  • $741.2m investment in health and mental health facilities.
  • $2.75m in resources and trade events that will help WA's business growth into Asia.
  • $4.2m to establish an Industry Participation Advisory Service to support small businesses.
  • $1.5m to implement the international education strategy.
  • $16.7m in grants for new technology start-ups and computer gaming to create new jobs.


The McGowan Government will provide funding certainty and security for the tourism industry to help grow and diversify the economy and maximise tourism's impact to create jobs for Western Australians.

Tourism is a key economic driver in Western Australia which plays a vital role in diversifying the State's economy and creating jobs.

  • Invest an additional $36.5m to establish a destination marketing baseline budget of $45m per annum.
  • Invest an additional $50.5m to establish a baseline budget of $40m per annum for event tourism including events arising from opportunities presented by the new Stadium.
  • $1.4m for the Swan Valley Development Package including a planning review and development of a coordinated strategy for the Swan Valley to provide a major boost to tourism and jobs in the area.
  • $20m in this Budget to establish the Aboriginal Ranger Program.


The Government spends billions of dollars every year running schools, hospitals, public transport systems, and building critical infrastructure and delivering services across the State.

The McGowan Government's Jobs Law will mean local businesses are given every opportunity to compete for this work and are provided appropriate support to do so.

  • $4.2m will be invested to establish an Industry Participation Advisory Service to support small and medium businesses to compete for Government contracts.


A record $2.7 billion is being invested into making WA roads safer, demonstrating just how serious the McGowan Labor Government is about improving and maintaining our roads.

Investing in our roads supports local jobs throughout the supply chain in WA, while delivering infrastructure that makes a difference to communities.


Investing $1.34 billion in METRONET priority projects will help generate thousands of jobs for Western Australians while creating a world class public transport system.

The McGowan Labor Government's transformative public transport plan will create thousands of new construction jobs and apprenticeships as well as open up opportunities for ongoing maintenance jobs and apprenticeships.


Giving Western Australians the opportunity to work on home-grown projects means we can all play a role in developing economic infrastructure as well as create a local skilled workforce of the future.

  • $741.2m into the development of health and mental health facilities in Perth and regional WA.
  • $465m investment into WA school infrastructure including new builds, upgrades and redevelopments.


Western Australia is ideally situated to capitalise on rapid population and economic growth in Asia.

  • The development of an Asian Business Strategy and tools to foster growth into Asia is integral in supporting small businesses entering regional markets and boosting job creation opportunities.
  • $750,000 to establish the Asian Business House to develop formal networks that link businesses with people and resources to enable and support success in regional markets.
  • $800,000 over four years for the annual ASEAN Dialogue that is hosted concurrently with a trade and investment show and Asian Arts Festival.
  • $1.2m over four years to promote WA's education and resource sectors in Asia.


  • $320,000 for Defence West to build its presence at international trade shows to help promote the State's shipbuilding and defence work capabilities.


Education tourism is a potential growth area and we must ensure the international education and tourism sectors work together to grow the industry and create jobs.

  • $1.5m to implement a long-term international education strategy to increase WA's market share of international students.


Science and technology are central to diversifying the State's economy and creating the jobs of the future.

Encouraging new industries and innovation, reducing barriers to business growth and attracting investment will create more jobs for Western Australians.

  • $12m to convert existing classrooms to science labs across 200 primary schools and $5m in grants of $25,000 for schools to equip labs and buy computers.
  • $2m for the integration of coding into teaching and engagement with the Federal government to introduce coding activities into the WA curriculum.
  • $900,000 to establish a Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Advisory Panel to ensure there is a job ready local workforce to capitalise on new jobs.
  • $16.7m in grants to support emerging businesses in new technology start-ups and computer gaming to create new jobs.
  • $750,000 Science Industry Fellowships program to build the relationship between WA companies and universities and benefit from the opportunities in our global regional economic zone.


This is the first stage in the implementation of the McGowan Labor Government's Plan for Jobs. Planning and scoping of additional projects will be announced as part of subsequent budgets.

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