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Putting Patients First

Our health is everything.

The McGowan Labor Government is committed to ensuring Western Australians have access to quality health care, no matter where they live.

Patient outcomes are what matters most and health care that is delivered in a timely, efficient and compassionate way is more crucial than ever.

Health at a Glance

  • $2m to start establishing Urgent Care Clinics within emergency departments and across the community.
  • $0.8m to introduce a patient opinion system in all public hospitals.
  • $2.8m to expand the Ear Bus program into the Kimberley region.
  • $1.9m to fund meet and greet services for people from remote communities travelling for treatment.
  • $1.6m to expand the Find Cancer Early Program into more regional areas.
  • $5m to develop the Peel Youth Medical Service Health Hub.
  • $7.3m to establish a 10-bed Step Up/Step Down community mental health facility in Kalgoorlie.

Investing in Innovative
Health Solutions

The McGowan Labor Government is focused on initiatives that free up hospital beds and emergency departments to shorten waiting times – so more patients can be treated.

  • Investing $2m to start establishing Urgent Care Clinics to reduce pressure on emergency departments.
  • $800,000 investment in the introduction of a patient opinion system at public hospitals to help modernise the way feedback is captured in the health system.


Investing in Preventative
Health Services

Prevention programs and services are other alternatives to help Western Australians manage their health.

  • $2.1m to implement the Let's Prevent pilot program, which educates and supports people who are at a high risk of developing chronic health conditions, including diabetes.
  • Investing $1.6m to expand the Find Cancer Early Program into more regional areas.
  • $1.9m to fund meet and greet services for people from remote communities travelling for treatment.
  • $2.8m to expand the Ear Bus program into the Kimberley region – an initiative that minimises the impacts of middle ear disease in Aboriginal youth living in these areas.

Health Review

Progressing with the Sustainable Health Review will identify if funding and resources have been allocated adequately across the whole health system and will put the health budget on a more sustainable footing.

With a review panel appointed and public submissions underway, more recommendations will be examined during the course of the review, including how our State can:

  • Best leverage existing investment in healthcare,
  • Encourage digital innovation and technology,
  • Drive partnerships across sectors and government, and
  • Deliver integrated and coordinated care to patients.

Our plan is to deliver a patient first, innovative and sustainable health system, making healthcare more cost effective for all Western Australians.

Investing in Mental Health
Services and Infrastructure

Improving mental health and destigmatising mental health issues are a priority.

We need to send a message, particularly to young and vulnerable Western Australians, that help is available.

  • The National Rugby League's State of Mind mental health awareness program will provide young Western Australians with more access to support tools and strategies.
  • A tier 3 mental health program for at risk youth in the Peel region will be implemented for secondary students.
  • 300 schools will be provided with a 0.1 FTE of a level 3 teacher time per school to oversee the delivery of evidence based mental health programs.

  • More mental health support and treatment options
    will be provided for Western Australians as part of the first stage of the McGowan Government's plan for mental health and mental health recovery services.

  • Committing $5m to develop the Peel Youth Medical Service Health Hub.
  • $7.3m to establish a 10-bed Step Up/Step Down community based mental health facility in Kalgoorlie; $11.2m for a facility in Bunbury; and $12.3m for a facility in Karratha.
  • The supply of acute and sub-acute mental health beds will increase over the next four years as mental health beds in our hospitals and community are expanded, including youth specific services.
  • Developing a Recovery College service model for Western Australia.

Drug use, including methamphetamines, can result in short and long term health issues and is responsible for a significant burden on our healthcare system. The McGowan Government is committed to tackling the scourge of meth in Western Australia.

Please see the Safer Communities fact sheet to learn more about the Government's Methamphetamine Action Plan and other initiatives to keep our communities safe.

Delivering on our

The McGowan Labor Government is committed to drive change and fresh thinking into hospitals and community health.

Initial work of hospitals announced in our election polices have now commenced. These projects will be detailed in subsequent Budgets.

  • Joondalup Health Campus – project to include a Medihotel, an expanded emergency department, new operating theatres, additional mental health beds and a stroke unit.
  • Royal Perth Hospital – upgrades to include a mental health observation unit, a Medihotel, Innovation hub and an Urgent Care Clinic.
  • Osborne Park Hospital – expansion to include rehabilitation services, neo natal and midwifery services.
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital – family birthing centre to help people living south of the river access innovative and timely health care.
  • Geraldton Hospital – redevelopment to include upgrades to the emergency department and the inclusion of mental health beds.
  • Bunbury Hospital – upgrade to expand capacity to accommodate more beds.
  • Collie Hospital – completing comprehensive upgrades.



The McGowan Labor Government is getting on with delivering WA's first Medihotel for patients who are discharged from hospital but are still recovering - giving them comfort and privacy with access to medical care.

Work has commenced on WA's first Medihotel, which will be located alongside Fiona Stanley Hospital.

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